Elvira Smeenk

artist & producer

Elvira knows how to touch her audience with her work, which is steeped in emotion. With an unabashed attempt to capture the essence of human existence, like a true storyteller, she knows how to weave her stories through a landscape full of twinkling synths and brutal honesty.

Elvira not only brings her inner world to life, but also invites others to journey with her. Her work speaks to the soul and reminds us that the true beauty of life lies in the connection we share and the stories we create.

While the past year was all about perfecting her craft and vision, and preparing her first official releases, Elvira is now on the eve of a new milestone. With the release of her debut album “Am I Even Thinking?” on June 7th and her new live set complete, Elvira is eager to share her music with a larger audience than ever before.

With the invitation to celebrate the album, she asks her listeners to be part of her journey and witness the start of a new chapter.

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Elvira is a truly independent artist, fearlessly crafting her path in the music industry. Her captivating sound and dynamic stage presence make her a standout performer, and she is sure to leave a lasting impression on any audience.

At the heart of Elvira’s music is a melodic network of voices that invites listeners to relax and fully immerse themselves in her art. But don’t be fooled by the peacefulness of her compositions – Elvira is also known for surprising her audience with unexpected glimpses into the alternate personalities she holds within.